UTL is thankful to have The Schumacher Institute @schumacherinst, a UK-based think tank that focuses on environmental, social and economic issues, as a support partner.

“One of the important values that E. F. Schumacher promoted was that we should shape our economy, environment and institutions ‘as if people matter’ – a phrase from the subtitle of the book Small Is Beautiful. This regard for human scale is appropriate for the environment of our cities and towns, which can often be alienating. The focus of Urban Transit Lab is firmly within this line of thinking, to raise awareness of the benefits of walking, cycling, and using public transport for sustainability and well-being. The Schumacher Institute is delighted to act as a sponsor for this initiative and we look forward to a long partnership”

Ian Roderick, Director of The Schumacher Institute


Pedestrian Space is a media and advocacy platform established in 2021 to document and explore aspects of walkability as a key dimension for sustainable urban development. The platform presents living examples of walkable urbanism, best practices as well as barriers to pedestrianization and covers issues of quality of life, health, spatial and social equity and environmental benefit of walkable communities.

“Pedestrian Space is thrilled to be a founding partner of Urban Transit Lab. As a media, research and advocacy platform focused on the multidimensional role of walkability for sustainable urban development, Pedestrian Space fully supports Urban Transit Lab’s mission and creative, engaged approach.”

Annika Lundkvist, FSI, Founder of Pedestrian Space

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